Import EML into Outlook with guaranteed ease and success!

eml file to outlook

If you plan to import EML into outlook on your own, Mail Extractor Pro by USL software would be your best companion in it. This software has all it takes to provide you with the best mail conversion experience with regards to mail conversion, fantastic features and user-friendly interface included. It is compatible with almost every  data type and is thus safe to be used to convert data even by a beginner.

import eml into outlook

No-fuss method to import EML into outlook

Using this software to import EML into Outlook is a great way to ensure the effectiveness of the process. It can process data instantly and provide such additional services as splitting large files automatically and ignoring empty folders. The process of the conversion is pretty simple, take a look below.

First one is supposed to download this software, install it and launch it with a double-click. As it opens, the user will see several options in front of them- postbox, thunderbird, apple mail, mbox and eml. Once the user chooses the eml option, all the files in that format will be automatically selected by this software. The user then gets to choose the files that they want to convert and the files that they would like to keep untouched. After the process of selection and deselection, the user can also choose to ignore the empty folders. They just need to check the box on the right side. After everything is done, the user can send the command for the conversion and wait for a few minutes, the result would be delivered promptly.

Software envisioned to produce faster results

This software is perfect for anyone looking for flawless and fast data  conversion service. It is capable of providing mail conversion in the mac itself, there is no need to transfer the data to windows. Therefore, the process is faster and fuss-free.

Another way the user gets to save his/her time is by using the bulk method of conversion. Using it one gets to convert several files in a single batch. Therefore, the time required for the successful conversion is lesser, since the manual steps involved are minimal.

Safe for all sorts of data

There is no data this software cannot process safely. It is capable of even reading and processing data that is in languages other than English. Therefore, one can use this software to convert files that are in languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese- languages that use double-byte characters.

Preserves attachments and metadata

When using this software one does not have to stress about the safety of attachments, nested messages and metadata. This software responsibly preserves them in their pristine state. It also maintains the hierarchy of the folders. Finding out any of the details of the mails does not take any time as the users would instinctively know where to find them. Scroll below to find the trial version and full version of this software.

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